Entry: Citgo Sucks!!!! Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Citgo Sucks!!!!Omigosh, I hate citgo and anything that has to do with Venezuelans. The stupid people just announced yesterday that they're moving and that sucks butt. I'm basically just going to vent on here right now cause I'm pissed. Like a bunch of people I know are either going to be out of a job or have to move to Houston where I won't get to see them worth crap. They're screwing everything up!!! Anyway, on a lighter note, we're fixing up our house more. Like right now we're putting ceremic tile in our kitchen and bathroom which is turning into a pain. Whenever we have to go to our laundry room we have to go outside, open up the garage, go oin through there and back out and around. It's so annoying. I'm ready to have all of it done so we won't have to mess with it anymore. There's really not much else to talk about right now and I'm on here at school during lunch and it's getting close to time to go so I'm gonna leave. ttyl. xoxo *((Julie))*


July 16, 2005   04:15 AM PDT
October 30, 2004   10:36 PM PDT

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