Entry: --- Wednesday, April 07, 2004

I seriously need to get off my butt and update this thing more often! lol. Life is so boring right now. I swear there's like nothing much to do or going on. Omigosh I'm like totally wanting some candy and pop right now. I gave it up for lent so I'm like count down the hours till sunday so I can have it!!!! <-Sorry that was random. Anway, school's kinda sucking right now...I'm like failing english :o/ We're doing a bunch of crap over greek gods and goddesses right now and it's so boring and totally killing me. grrr. The cool thing though is that next year I get to be an NHS officer which is gonna be like tons of fun! I don't know about everyone else, but I'm like so freakin ready for summer so I'm out of school and don't have to put up with stupid teachers and do stupid projects. Rach thinks I have spring fever. lol. Omigosh, my Aunt's coming home from Hawaii in 13 more days!!!!! I'm like totally dying to hang out with her again. She hasn't been home in like 3 years so a ton of stuff has changed. Like last time she was here I was the queen of dorks...high water pants, ratty hair, thought I was the coolest...yah...I won't go there anymore. lol. I'm so incredibly bored right now so I'm just like babbling on here...I have homework I need to be doing like a science project that's due Friday, but I'm feeling super lazy!~ Oh yah, just so everyone who knows Nicole, she went to engineering challenge today and her bridge held a whole 5 no wait 4 pounds! roflol. ~I love you Nicole!!! I gotta run...ttyl ~Julie


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