Entry: Howdy! Monday, February 02, 2004

Wow, it's been forever since I've updated this thing...kinda forgot I even had it! :o/ Anyway, quite a bit of stuff has happened since I've updated this, but most of it's just like boring and not worth wasting my time to type about, but there was a couple of worthwhile things that have happened. Like the 15th of January through the 18th (I think that's right) I went on Chrysalis which is like a girls and guys retreat but they go on different weekends. It was like the funnest ever thing except for practically running into the pole thing that was in between the doors. lol. I'm a klutz!! I would go into major detail about everything that happened at Chrysalis for the simple enjoyment of boring you to death because I would talk about it forever.......but the problem is I'm sworn to secrecy about it so that everything that happens at Chrysalis will be just as much of a surprise for the furture caterpillars who go as it was for me. :)

Last weekend Abby came over and spent the night and we acted like airheads and all the fun stuff. On Saturday night I went to a candle light service for the guy caterpillars. It started at like 8pm and didn't get out until 11pm! It was crazy. But yah...ummm I don't know what else to say so I'm gonna go contemplate whether or not I should go to the Valentines Day dance at school!


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