Entry: Christmas Monday, December 22, 2003

Yesterday I had Christmas at one of my grandma's and it was a total disaster!!! We go over there and my prodigal sister Holly (who still hasn't returned home) was there with her husband so that added a lot of tension between everyone...I won't bore you with everything that happened I'll just leave it at this...Hannah and Rach and I ended up back in my grandma's bedroom crying for like 2 hours and everyone in our family hates us. The thing is though no one understands the situation so yah...I wanna scream so bad right now!

Anyway, not to much has happened lately except for David and Sheri announcing to the youth that they're leaving to move to Ohio December 31st. I'm still majorly in denial about it...it just doesn't seem possible. They've been like 2 of my best friends that I could always talk to and now they're leaving...it sucks. Within the last month or two like 7 of my closest friends have moved to a different location far away from here.

We still haven't completely finished our christmas shopping yet. It's crazy, but we are doing a lot better then usual because normally we would wait until christmas eve and have to do ALL of our shopping then and stay up all night getting everything wrapped and then we would all get pissed at each other. Fun times. lol. Since we almost have it done though we get to go to the christmas eve service at church and I get to see David and Sheri again before they leave. I get to see them wednesday and sunday and then they're gone. It doesn't seem possibile...

There's not much else to talk about so I'm gonna go because I'm not even supposed to be on here right now because I should be cleaning up the living room and I have to clean my bedroom then when everyone else gets home I have to wrap more presents so yah I'm gonna go...


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